So here we go….

So here we are. D day. Time to hand back the computer, finish my expenses, see some friends, and then 4 months of me time. Meternity as I am calling it.
I know everyone thinks ‘Lucky Al’. But this isnt a holiday. Its time to draw a deep breath, pull out a blank sheet of paper, & rebuild life from almost scratch.

Why? Well, i am 39 years of age, an orphan, single & I have not been lucky enough to have children yet.
I have a fantastic set of friends, and an amazeballs career. So its not all doom and gloom.
But im absolutely bloody terrified of whats going to happen over the next 4 months. I have to face up to a few things-losing my parents, the two most precious people in my life who made me everything I am. I also have to take a good look at me and face a few home truths, never easy, & as you know I can be quite stubborn…

So I hope you can all join me through this blog, laugh & cry with me & at me, but where its going to end up who flippin well knows. Lets find out!! Now wheres my passport…..

Published by Alison Clarke (Al's Adventures)

Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

10 thoughts on “So here we go….

  1. I think its the beginning of something wonderful. 4 months is really quite nothing in the greater scheme of things. Its well deserved and there is a lot to look forward to. Yes its been a tough old ride recently, something you would never have thought would happen to you did. However, what is wonderful is life has so much to give. Yes it takes away but it will always give back to you. The wonderful part is that you are a giver and so you will receive back everything in ten fold. You live you life without angst and karma will always be your friend.
    I say take these 4 months by ‘the horn’ go and do the things you always wanted to do and live you life. Take time to reflect and think about what you really want from life and go for it. The world is your oyster. Its exciting and scary yet wonderful and full of what is yet to come.

    As your friends,we will always support you in your endeavours! Do us proud!

    Now come on girl – get going, your minus one day down in your 4 month adventure!

    Cant wait to follow it!

    Lots of love, M xxx

  2. Alison this next four months will fly so make the most of it. What you have endured over the last couple of years and how you have still remained that bubbly giving person gives credit to the lovely person you are. Really look forward to reading how you get on. If you were not terrified you would not be the person you are so that’s a good thing. But you have been brave enough to go for it so we are right behind you .

  3. Dear Alison. It’s great to read your first blog & I look forward to reading the others. I am very impressed by how open & honest you are being. Losing both parents so young is such an awful thing to go through & I don’t feel I will ever really recover from it happening to me but I do feel that as time passes you can still find happiness sometimes in the smallest of things & sometimes in really big things! We are all behind you 110% & always remember, ‘even in the darkest wilderness the stars can still shine.’

    With love & friendship,

    Polly xxxxx

  4. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with you over the last few years and you have certainly seen me at my worst and (hopefully best) I hope the next 4 months bring you everything you need and I look forward to catching up
    With you after and hopefully during the next four months! Although I may get you to sign a waiver regarding any meetings we have as I do not seem to have that off switch I keep hearing about! All the best mate xx

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