Italy part 2 – Reborn (A bit)

  Day 5 –  After another straight 8 hours sleep & waking up naturally its breakfast time overlooking the mountains. Now I LOVE a breakfast buffet. So many options! Lefay certainly know how to do a breakfast. Breads, cakes (sugar free ones, or full fat – the sugar free olive oil cake is a revelation),Continue reading “Italy part 2 – Reborn (A bit)”

Lefay Resort & Spa, Lake Garda, Italy – Paradise found

Well, where do I begin?  Lets start at arriving at Verona airport in Italy.  The bags arrived promptly within 20 minute of landing.  As I walk through to the arrivals lounge, my driver from the hotel is there waiting for me & I am driven from the airport to the hotel in complete comfort andContinue reading “Lefay Resort & Spa, Lake Garda, Italy – Paradise found”

Italian Adventures Part 1 – A New me!!

Saturday, 2.14am. Drip. Drip. Drip. Is it raining? Did i leave the window open? No, its raining through the ceiling downstairs. Ffs. So 2 hours later & astonishingly only £80 the leaks fixed. May as well get up as I’m off holiday clothes shopping! Yes, you heard me right, holiday. One of those things I’veContinue reading “Italian Adventures Part 1 – A New me!!”

Week 2-Hens, healthy, honesty & health.

Wow what a feeling. I woke up to natural sunlight, not the alarm… What a calming thing that is instead of being jolted awake by Tinie Tempahs song Frisky (although ‘would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit’ is the best lyric of all time).  Its amazing how quickly the hours go just pottering around,Continue reading “Week 2-Hens, healthy, honesty & health.”