Rough, tough week

Rough, tough, week…. 

Its been a tough ten days since we last spoke. Maybe I was a bit too complacent on how I was feeling. Or maybe its just one of those weeks where you just get through it, and start a new week with a positive mind set. 
It started with a wonderful break in the Countryside for a lovely evening and catch up with friends. I came home feeling refreshed and recharged. But then Monday came. Mondays are bad days for me, maybe as there is nothing real pressure to do anything.  So after a gym sweat out session, and a few hours sorting emails its a welcome early night. 
Tuesday comes, &  finally some fairly good news- the slow authorities in Spain have finalised the transfer of my parents estate to me after much chasing and pushing, but even now some of the details are not complete. Like ACTUALLY transferring it. That just added to the frustrations.  Back to the gym…… 
Post workout I feel great. So I decide to try making coodles. For those who do not know they are Courgette noodles. I had bought the spiralizer (to make veg into ribbons basically) 4 months ago.  About time to use it!  The results were amazing & totally yummy. With my own homemade pesto I was a very happy bunny. Literally felt like one with all the raw food!! But I thoroughly enjoyed it. The recipe is below is anyone fancies a try! 
 On that subject my diet is transformed, no reformed or artificial sugar, lots of fruit & veg all based on the principles of a Mediterranean diet. I can honestly say my body feels and looks the best for a long time. It has been so simple to do at home with a little willpower. My stomach is the flattest its ever been and the flab is starting to go. My energy levels are good and my shape is starting to change. 
But what happens when I go back to work? All the lunches, nights out, drinks.  Nothing. This is me now, and I am afraid people will have to accept it. I hope they still like me!! I think they will. Life’s just a bit different, but Im still the same me – a bit smaller, sober, & content – but me. I still like a glass or two of wine, or a G&T- so don’t panic (and chips of course).  
Wednesday – off to Yoga. Great class, can really start to feel the difference now. I bounce out of the class feeling so good. Next stop – to give blood. Im in and out in half hour, great. Home for a cuppa & a biscuit (National Blood Service SORT OUT THE POOR BISCUIT SELECTION, Rich Tea is not tempting peeps)  its off to meet my health mentor at the gym. Its a gorgeous day, so I decide to take the 20 minute walk. 
I don’t quite get there. I pass out in the High Street (totes embarrassing). I should know better, I always feel weak after giving blood! 
So back home Im not happy. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster, up one minute down the next. And that down mood has hung around now for 5 days. 
Thursday, feeling low, off i go for a haircut & to Somerset House to watch the premier of a foreign film called Two days, 1 night with my BFF. Great evening, amazing venue, G&Ts, glorious weather & amazing Company. I get home & can not settle.  Grumpy me resurfaces…..
Friday is meant to be a good day. I get to see the girls and their offsprings, all who I love dearly. They usually make me smile, play silly games, make me feel good. But not today. Back to the gym….. 
Feeling a but more cheery post workout its off to the pub for a gossip over dinner. Had a lovely time, then got home to an unwelcome email. One of those that makes you tense, but only when you are already half way there. 
Saturday comes & off to see some very good friends. Fab time as always, spoilt rotten again! One of those nights chatting about anything and everything. Just what I needed.  Thank you guys!
Then before I know where I am, its Monday again. Time to sort out all the paperwork and sign up Dads house to me. So now all thats left to do is sell the Spain residence & buy a place on the Kent coast in the Whitstable area. Thats my happy place. Even when its cold and raining, nothing makes me feel better than being there.  I spent many a weekend there with my parents, friends and family growing up & they were very happy times. 
I hope my Mum & Dad would approve of me buying a holiday place there. It will be an open house for all friends to come and stay for free, as well as a bolt hole for me to recharge from the weekly pressures.  Thats what they would want, everyone to relax & enjoy. So thats what we will do! 
Suddenly the emotions get me whilst watching DIY SOS and I find myself full on sobbing. (That bloomin program gets me every time).  For ages. So thats what the grumpiness needed – a bloody good cry.  I am not ashamed to admit it. 
I guess sometimes we just need a bad week to get us to appreciate the good weeks.  We cant always be at our best, but as long as we recognise it and try to get it out of our systems without taking it out on others around us, then all is good. 
Sorry to any of you who have had to put up with me this week, Ive been a grump. 
A hot cuppa Tuesday pre gym and a chat to a special Aunt makes me better today along with a totally indulgent dinner with a fabulous friend. Thank you. 
Its today the news of Robin Williams sad death emerges. Ive never been that down, but without my friends I can see how easy it could be. So take the time to call a mate you haven’t spoken to in a while. Just let them know you are there. If we are not here to help and look after each other what on earth is the point?
So after Yoga today off I go to recharge for 2 weeks, visit lots of you all, and look for a beautiful new home for us all. 
I’ll Keep you all posted!!! 
Here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed this week:
Coodles with perfect pesto
Serves 1
1 large courgette spiralised 
1 small bunch of basil (small packet from supermarket) 
A handful of pine nuts (1/4 cup)
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 clove of garlic
Salt & pepper (a pinch of each) 
Water to help achieve your desired consistency. 
15g of Parmesan cheese 
Put all the ingredients for the pesto into a blender or food processor & whizz away until you get your desired level of chunky texture. About 30 seconds gives a smooth pesto. Use a splash of water if needed. 
Mix thoroughly through your Coodles, serve with a green salad & a large Soda Water with Lime (or Wine!)
IMG_6038 IMG_6041
Find of the fortnight
Coffee Bags – what took then so long! Brill invention. Leave to brew for 5 minutes for the perfect coffee. Game changer!! 
Kindness of the week
Thank you. Made me smile again!!
See you all soon!!

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