Wonderful weddings, disastrous dates….

Well, where has the last two weeks gone? It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in a hot tub in the Alps drinking rose & eating cheese.  Yum…..

Its been a strange couple of weeks to be honest.  Lots of catching up with old friends, lots of training and even more yoga.  Its been a fortnight of highs and lows if Im brutally truthful.

Both weekends have been all about beautiful weddings & great times.  Always melts my heart to see my good friends find happiness with that special someone, and always lovely to catch up with friends.. we are all so busy with work, families and general life its great to see everyone and catch up on all the gossip.  Mind you, thats the sign of a good friend, you don’t see each other for ages but when you do there’s no bad feeling, no resentment, just good conversation, gossip, food and usually a beverage or to (or maybe thats just me!)

The day after is always weird, its almost like a totes emot roller coaster post weddings.  Why? Well, you build up to them for ages, go on hen nights or stag nights, buy beautiful new outfits – especially the ladies – its like a military operation! Shoes to match the dress, bag, maybe a hat (not me, my heads to weirdly shaped). Its all part of the fun from the moment you get that invite.  You arrange hotels, babysitters, taxi’s all in anticipation of a bloomin good time.

The day itself, dare I say it, is a long one, wether you are travelling from afar to get there, or just taking your time and enjoying getting all dressed up for the event itself.  Usually its a 12 hour shift for a wedding – some are longer (usually involving far too much alcohol) and they are exhausting – both mentally and physically.

I sob at most happy and sad things – I cry at DIY SOS for goodness sake (such a brilliant program), but weddings always make me emotional.  I do not get invited to loads, and Im glad as the ones I am lucky enough to attend are for the closest friends and family.   I’m so happy for the special people in my life, they mean the world to me & it always sets me off when they take those vows to spend their lives with another.  Marriage is still a very special institution in my mind, not always necessary, and doesn’t always work for some, but I am of the old school crew mentality – if I am ever lucky enough to do it it will be for the right reason – of which there is only 1 – love.  Not because I’m lonely or if I am ever lucky enough to have a baby, but because I want to spend the rest of my life with one special bloke.  In my mind thats the only reason, I can do the rest on my own without that commitment.  If I want to have children, either with someone or by myself I will.  Its perfectly possible in these times.  If I meet someone who doesn’t agree with Marriage then thats ok too.  I wouldn’t pressure anyone, do it for tax or pension reasons or for the sake of a child – only for a mutual loving, respectful and damn right head over heels in love relationship.  Maybe that comes from my upbringing from my parents who were lucky enough to be happily married for over 40 years.

I’ve come close to feeling that way about someone a few times, but something was always not quite there – I wasn’t convinced.  Sometimes I wonder if I am too set in my own ways, I do love my own space & I am perfectly happy in my own company – maybe too happy.  So when I see friends taking the plunge because they have that magical connection it lights my heart up with joy for them.  So Congratulations to you all, and thanks for inviting me to share in the special days – even if I have had two massive hangovers and accumulated some balloons………

The quest to find a bloke isn’t getting any better I am sad to say.  This fortnight I have been on two dates, one was ok, called Russ Abbott. And he was ginger. Honestly you couldnt make it up. Yes, all those nicknames ran through my head too (Rusty top, Rusty bin) and i was humming ‘oh what an atmosphere’ (YouTube it kids) but no spark (thank god) and the other one – well theres a 4 letter word I could use to describe him rhyming with front…

Boys – even if you meet someone and you realise they aren’t your type – don’t ever feel the need to tell them how you feel about their physical presence.  OK, I was a little hungover, but to be told “your too big for me to find attractive’ and ‘I don’t think you have made enough of an effort’ really isn’t a necessary conversation to have – especially when you are no David Beckham yourself! I do realise not everyone is attractive to everyone, and sometimes you need to get to know a person before that physical connection starts, but common courtesy and mutual respect for others – even for complete strangers – is a basic in life.  Maybe I’m just naive & Alison land is a wonderful place!!

Anyway on a more positive note the training is going well, I feel great.  This week I managed a 7km run, a distance I have not achieved for at least a year without stopping or throwing up.  I feel stronger than I ever have physically, I am lifting weights I never thought I could, and I’m nearly there mentally – still some bumpy days, but you bloomin lovely lot have been so kind and considerate I am never down for long.

The website build has started – a place for all my blogs, reviews, tips and travel.  Think Gwyneth Paltrow’s site but much more fun!! I will keep you posted on the progress – too excited!

The next two weeks bring the biggie – not smalls, the holiday.  I know, I know, all I have done is swan around for the last few months enjoying myself, but now its time to spend a few days in Aruba & a quick 48 hours in NYC to celebrate my BFF Birthday & shop.  Now, wheres my Bikini, martini boots & Dollars….

Speak to you all soon!!!


Published by Alison Clarke (Al's Adventures)

Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

One thought on “Wonderful weddings, disastrous dates….

  1. Hi Alison, another lovely entertaining blog. HOW DARE THAT IDIOT CALL YOU BIG !!! He must have been some big headed bigot, its a pity you couldnt have showed us a photo of him, he would have to be very handsome to even think of saying what he did to you.
    Rant over, the rest of your stories were very interesting and I am so glad you have been having so much fun at the weddings etc and hope you have a great time in Aruba and NYC.
    Bye for now and take care.
    Lots of love xxxxx

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