Liverpool, Bob Marley & Something to Say

Hey how are we all? Good I hope. Thought i would send a quick blog this week as im off on my final holibobs of the year today!!

Another packed week has flown by, and it all started with a brilliant weekend in Liverpool being truly spoilt and entertained. The whole reason for going was for the big match. Liverpool vs Everton. Those of you who don’t know I am a huge Liverpool fan, the only real true love of my life!! Nothing makes me happier than going to Anfield & singing my heart out for the team I love.
It all came about from when I was lucky enough to be invited to the LFC end of season players award ceremony back in May, where we got to spend the evening with the players, eat great food, meet lots of amazing people and partying.  I was lucky enough to win some tickets in a charity auction for a weekend in Liverpool including Match tickets to any game of the season and full hospitality. So off I went Friday lunchtime with Virgin Trains in first class (only £48 great value for money).  Virgin are certainly the best I’ve travelled with in this Country so far, and it only took just over two hours to arrive in the fun and exciting town I love.
My overnight stay was at the stunning Hilton hotel based right opposite Albert Dock and next to Liverpool One shopping area. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, so I walked from the Liverpool’s impressive Lime Street Station the ten minute stroll to the Hilton.
The whole vibe of the Hilton is a good one.  Always helps to have the Liverpool FC shirts on display, makes me feel at home!! Check in was so friendly, and efficient.  I was in my room within 5 minutes of arrival, and quickly settled in.
It was such a gorgeous day, I decided to do a little sightseeing and shopping.  Everything is on your doorstep and nothing is more than a 10 minute walk.  The area has gone through some regeneration over the years, and it looks fantastic.
Albert Dock area is a fab stroll along the banks of the Mersey, with the added bonus of the Liverpool, Slavery or Maritime Museums, plus the Beatles Story & of course the Tate.  I took a long stroll, sat by the Mersey and watched the world go by.  How Stunning it looked.
After a coffee recharge it was time to hit the shops.  What a fine selection there was! Everything from the everyday high street brands, the mid range to the finer things in life (Courtesy of Cricket, Reiss & Armani to name a few).  In every shop I was made to feel welcome and helped with anything I needed – a rare thing these days.  Decent customer service! It makes such a difference to the whole shopping experience.  With my purse thoroughly dented it was back to the hotel via a few little stop offs just purely to admire the view.  It seemed Liverpool was looking its finest that day, along with all the people around.
After a long hot soak it was time for dinner with an old friend who I waited for in the beautiful bar with a glass of fizz – well it was Friday! Whilst reading my book and people watching, I was sitting near two gorgeous ladies, roughly 25 I would say.  I was not listening to their every word, but whilst a Bob Marley song was playing in the background I heard one of the most priceless quotes I have ever had the joy to hear…..
Girl 1 to her friend “I like this song, do you know what I only found out the other day Bob Marley was dead, mad that.  Do you reckon thats why his group were called the Wailers?”.
Girl 2 “No babe, they sang with him”.
Neither of them thought this conversation odd, or strange, neither reacted as many of us would have, and that MADE MY DAY.  Thank you ladies, thank you.
We had dinner in the Hotel as part of our package normally not my preference.  But I was proved wrong this time.  We ate some sublime steaks, cracking chips, & drank wonderful champagne.  We both commented on how we wish we had room for desert, but we swiftly moved to the bar which seemed to be the hive of activity.
We drank wonderful cocktails, listened to some great music, and people watched for hours along with catching up on old times & laughing a lot.  The thing that really stood out was the warmth, not just the weather but the people too.  Everyone was friendly, the vibe all weekend was nice, people enjoying themselves without dramas, partying and enjoying life. Thats how it should be. I’m afraid to say you only get that atmosphere out of town these days in clubs and bars, the coolest Capital of London has become too stuck up its own backside. So thank you Liverpool for reminding me how fun it can be. What a fab night!!
After a great nights sleep it was time for the big day.  After a great shower & a restorative breakfast, it was time to put on the new LFC shirt and head to Anfield.
We were shown to our lounge for food and drinks prior to the game, and it was surprisingly good!  I have been lucky enough to visit several of the largest football clubs in a corporate position over the years.  I know I am biased but I liked the friendliness, the people seating us called me by name, and made every effort to look after us.  It’s relaxed, not stuffy, everyone there is friendly, theres no attitude or intimidation as there is at other top 4 club grounds! The food was good, drinks were flowing, all you need to get you ready for the game. Well done LFC, I shall certainly be back to use the corporate hospitality.
The double bonus was the seats.  Our seats were in and amongst all the fans, not in a separate bit for the corporate lot.  As always, to me Anfield is my place of worship.  And the choir as always took it to church when singing You’ll Never Walk Alone.  Tears always come to my eyes, I get goosebumps, and it makes me so happy.  There is no better ground to watch football in, I promise you.
The game progressed slowly, a nervy atmosphere until the Captain pulled a free kick out of nowhere.  Gerrard, as always pulled them up by the scruff of their necks and gave us the goal we needed.  The Kop sang out his name as always, and everyone took a huge sigh of relief.  Until the 90th minute when our nerves and a stunning strike from Everton levelled the game.  What a sucker punch from which we had no time to recover.  1-1 Final score.
During the 90 minutes I laughed so much at the crowd around me, the comedy gold that happens on those terraces is legendary.  Off we wandered back to the lounge for a quick cup of tea or beer before we wandered off home happy.
Thank you Liverpool, all of you.  As always your welcome makes my heart sing.  See you very, very soon.
But then it was back to reality.  Back to dealing with some of the final things on my to do list.  I have left them till last as they are the tricky ones.  There are just some points in life where you have to cut some people out of your world.  Not always because they have necessarily done anything wrong, we all go in different directions, form new friendships, move etc.  So it was time to remove a few people from my life.
Why Well I was brought up to treat people how you would like to be treated.  Unfortunately some people over the years have taken full advantage of that and drained me of energy.  It was not easy to do, It does not come naturally for me to do this so please do not underestimate the task here.  Probably the hardest thing I have done for a while.  Some of the responses included “Your only saying it because your still upset about your Dad”.  “You don’t  mean it, you can’t live without me”.  “ When you have calmed down let me know I don’t have time for your tantrums”.  Those are the polite ones.  So its been rough, but no pain no gain!!
Time for a moan to those people and everyone in general.  Let me make something extremely clear.  I have NEVER IN MY ADULT LIFE been so calm, happy and focused.  I know exactly what I want.  I know exactly what I need and how to get it.  I know exactly who I want in my life & those people treat me how I treat them, with mutual love and respect.  They don’t ask for favours, or me to do things for them unless they need my help which of course I will give.  I can’t wait to share some amazing times with them all.
I will not be taken for a MUG anymore, that sign has been wiped from my forehead. I am aware you can never agree with everyones views.  But I ask that mine are respected in the same way I respect your right to have a view.  If that offends then take me off your list.  Don’t read my blogs, don’t call me.  Its all OK, I will not even bat an eyelid.
Moan over!
The whole point of this time off was to recharge, restore and start the new chapter of my life.  That is all now done.  Complete.  Im focused, and raring to go…. Well, just after one last week in Sunny Aruba & Wonderful NY with the BFF to relax and party as I just need a few more cocktails to restore me….
Have a fab week, and speak in a fortnight!!!!!

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