New York in 46 hours – my guilty pleasure

46 hours. Thats all the time I have in NYC. In that time I need to go to every possible shop, eat in the trendiest restaurants, drink in the coolest bars, and explore as many inches as I can of this amazeballs city. No pressure then. 

We arrived fairly late at night, having cleared the always courteous & friendly US Immigration in Aruba (wishful thinking) it was straight to our on trend Hotel, the Mondrian Soho. It didn’t disappoint. Tucked away behind a tunnel of fake greenery lies the sanctuary that is the Mondrian. 

In typical Morgan group style each piece of furniture is different, brightly coloured with shiny things everywhere.  I like shiny bright things. 

Our room was beautiful, compact (as NY rooms are)but very comfortable – and total silence. Needed in this mad bad city. As with all Morgan hotels the Bar is unique (think Sanderson), toiletries are high end and wonderful, Rum Soap, Mint Shampoo, beautiful crystal glasses to use & an iPad to order room service. Theres a Mini Bar with a half bottle of Grey Goose & Tequila, a variety of fab soft drinks & some ‘products’ to maximise your enjoyment – adults only. 


After some yummy room service, i slept solidly in the delightfully comfortable Queen Bed. Correctly named of course…. 

We were up and out early, we had a LOT to do. Being my besties birthday naturally we went straight to the top. Literally. 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Central Park for Brunch in the Restaurant Atise. I had mentioned when booking that it was a special occasion – & boy did they look after us. The best table overlooking the spectacular view of Central Park left us speechless for a good 5 minutes. Several Bloody Marys and after the most beautiful scallop sashimi, quail, beef tatare & hake we were thoroughly spoilt. Desert was a selection of chocolate strawberries, biscuits & cakes all for free for the Birthday girl. With impeccable service I can’t fault it. I will definitely be back. 10/10. 

IMG_7482 IMG_7483

The next few hours were spent shopping. Its one of the things the City does best. Luckily it was also Bank Holiday weekend & most of the stores had 30-40% off. Result! Glad I packed the extra bag….. 

After a quick spruce up and a gasp of breath at the hotel it was off for Dinner at Stanton Social in Soho. What a great place. Buzzing, laid back, amazing food & cocktails, and the best DJ iv I’ve seen in ages who was female! Girl Power hey. Boys, look and learn! 

The evening was everything you want from a cool night out in NYC, and after many cocktails it was back to the Sanctuary of the Mondrian high on alcohol, food & this magnificent City. 

I had 12 hours left until I got on that reassuring British Airways plane home. I walked from 34th St to 58th, taking in the NY Library, all the shops I could manage – except Maceys who were in the middle of a ‘terrorist exercise’. Take it the policeman meant a practice….. 

I even had twenty minutes to spare in Times Square, which is kind of enough. Its full of bloody tourists like me, it just feels like Piccadilly Circus but larger……

5.30pm and back to the Mondrian for a final snack and a restorative cocktail in the wonderful bar.  The restaurant is Italian themed and tastes wonderful.  With a spectacular bar which was buzzing on a Friday post work I grabbed a beautiful yet simple antipasti board, with the most rocket fuelled coffee ever. Wow you New Yorkers like a strong coffee! It was needed though to get me through the 3 hours left till plane time. 

The Hotel offer a car service for $75 to JFK. Our yellow cab into town was $65 with tolls and tips so for the luxury car & a driver who was polite & knew how to avoid the Friday night rush hour traffic it was worth the extra $10. 

We weaved out way through Brooklyn to the airport, chatting and laughing, making me wish I could stay longer. 

BA as always welcomed me at the airport and through fast track I managed to clear security in 10 minutes into the safe haven of the lounge. I have to congratulate BA on the pre flight meal option. As a separate section of the lounge it works. Light options, make your own fried rice dishes (great for us gluten free peeps), along with the heavier options if you fancy, salads, cheese for afters and some wonderful wines – especially the Rose! Although I was running on empty, this got me back in the game. 

With a dish of M&Ms and a cuppa, I sat in the lounge catching my breath. It really has been an amazing 46 hours. Im sad to leave, and I hope 1 day NYC will be my home from home. I will certainly be back soon! 


Exhausted, happy and content I got into my seat, switched on a film (no idea what one I wasn’t really watching) & my brain did its usual thing on a l long-haul flight – it had the time and space to make life changing decisions, and the few things I had left during my break to resolve suddenly became clear, helped by the wonderful BA staff bringing me tea & warm cookies. I snuggled up, counted my blessings for such a wonderful break ended by a amazeballs 42 hours. Als Adventures have only just begun……. 

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