Here we goooo….

2014. What a year. If i look back and report back my comments would be “needs significant improvement from January to July, but “much improved” from August to now.

The first half of the year saw the loss of Dad. To watch a loved one die in your arms, take thier final breath with u holding them is the darkest of times, even if it stops thier suffering. Even when it makes sense it tears your heart apart. Losing your parents is bloody tough. Being an only child & single makes it even worse. So, it was time to take time out from everything and everyone & rebalance life.

My time off was tough in parts. No doubt. But it was also the best thing I have ever done. It made me realise exactly what I want and how I can get it. It made me realise who matters, who my friends are, and what’s important to me.

Laying in Italy, staring at the mountains I had a moment. I realised how lucky I am. Im healthy, I have an amazing set of friends and family, a fab job, & a lot to look forward to. I can be anything I want. I know everyone tells you that but for the first time I believe it. I remember my Dad telling me that once. Id been cheated on by someone & was devastated. Dad said “come on girl, toughen up, because anyone who hurts you or betrays you isn’t worthy of your tears. You’re the most beautiful and smart person I know, you can be whatever you want-Anything is possible if you work hard and treat people with love and respect”. That stuck. And he was spot on.

Over the last weeks I’ve been promoted. Which is some achievement. I’m now head of an amazing team in one of the biggest Companies in the world of Insurance. I have the most amazing friends and family around me. I’m truly blessed and I can’t thank you all enough.

So now i ask you all to be super kind to all around you. It’s not always obvious if someone’s hurting or in a situation. I scream it from the rooftops, but others don’t. Let’s make 2015 a year of kindness. The odd text to a mate, a hug here and there, a cup of tea or a G&T to someone you haven’t seen for ages. Remind them you are there even in our fast paced world. Beleive me it makes it all worthwhile when that happens. At 4am when you feel like you’re alone it helps to read a text from a mate, or remember a call you had.

Here is to an amazing 2015. Stay safe, healthy & bloody well beautiful as you all are. Oh, & thanks for being amazeballs…


Published by Alison Clarke (Al's Adventures)

Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

One thought on “Here we goooo….

  1. Happy new year Alison the advice your dad gave you is sound and we al are guiltyl look at tings that go wrong rather than look at the positives .
    But life would not be as fun and appreciated if everything went right all of the time.
    My glass isnt half full. its full to the brim
    Look forward to catching up soon

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