Moves and shakes……

2015. I’m so excited. New year isn’t something that normally gets me leaping around like the duracell bunny.  I usually dread it. I don’t mean New Years Eve, where we all get dressed up, drink obscene amounts of booze, & spend the day after eating the Christmas leftovers and lazing around (just me?!) promising ourselves that this is the year we get fit, lose a stone, make more ‘me time’ & be a nicer person

Usually There is good reasons to not be a fan of Jan. Everyones detoxing (including moi), not going out, gym 4 times a week – which I am also guilty of! btw if you want to lose weight you need to exercise 6 times a week according to my new trainer. Gym sessions 3/4 times a week & a high intensity session on another 3 days. So i have purchased Davina’s 7 minute plan DVD, I shall report back! 

This year its different. As usual though, my misery started with a text on NY day at 8am from my trainer to remind me the break was over & now its time to get back to reality. Joy. In revenge I opened a Choccie Orange & ate it all during the day! Haha. Not really I then felt so hyper I did the 7 minute routine, annoyingly he was right…..

Then came the calls from friends, text chats & general fun. So, it wasn’t all bad. I knew it wouldn’t be- all the usual stuff that makes January the longest month isn’t bothering me in the slightest. Why? Well…. 

1) My promotion. After 18 years of learning, working hard & being patient I have been given the role I have been striving for. Recognition is a wonderful thing especially when it has been earned, & especially in this Industry at my age. I’m so excited and happy along with nervousness for the new role, I have the best in the business around me to guide me. I still have a lot to learn, but lets do this!! 

2) Seaside Retreat – I get the keys in 2 weeks & the fun begins. After a lick of paint & some new flooring its ready for me & all of you lovely lot. Watch this space! It really will make a difference in my life, more than anyone can know. 13 more sleeps…..

3) New City Pad. As I will only be in town half a week, the benefits of Living in Hertford don’t really add up anymore. So, sadly the house here is up for sale & Im looking at flats in Wapping/Borough. I’m working longer hours & socialising more for my job. But I also want to be nearer to some of you lovely lot in town so I can see you all more without an hour & a half journey home at best. Again, watch this space!! 

So hopefully now you can see why January isn’t getting me down. Nor will any other month. Its a new chapter, such exciting times for me after a rotten few years. I’m loving life, and being part of all your wonderful friendships. So thank you, and lets grab 2015 by the neck & enjoy!! 

Speak soon! 


Published by Alison Clarke (Al's Adventures)

Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

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