Flats, houses and beach retreats…

Hey. I know, its been a while. Sorry, but it’s been the most topsy turvy kind of month. Where to begin…..

Last time we spoke I had got my keys to the house in Kent and was looking forward to moving in. Well I am loving it here (I am sitting on the beach writing this!) and I am finally all moved in. Refurbishment mearly complete, project beach is in its final stages, so feel free to visit anytime. Fridge is stocked, spare room is looking forward to seeing you all! 
My house in Hertford is now all empty and locked up awaiting its new owner hopefully this week or early next. As you may know I am buying a flat near to work to help take the strain of my weekday madness! To say the sale of Hertford & the purchase of the flat has been tricky would be the understatement of 2015. I am honestly staggered at the level of incompetence and arrogance in the unruly  world of house buying and selling. It almost makes me want to become a politician to change it. If Dave Cameron, or quite frankly any of them (except Farage obvs) stood up and pledged to reform the Housing Market in England I would vote for them. No other Western Country is so out of date in the way we go about it all. Unregulated, uncaring, greedy & antiquated. I am not aiming this at one part of the jigsaw, all are utterly shambolic. Let me explain…
I lost my buyer for a short time as his buyer lied about his income. HOW is that allowed. In many Countries, especially European ones (including Scotland) if you make an offer it is binding. You put down a deposit which is non refundable if you don’t complete. Why not here?? It would cover any survey costs, or legal fees & would be taken off the final settled amount. That’ll get rid of the lying so and so’s.  
Then I have the joy of dealing with Solicitors who live and trade in an ancient legal system that takes FOREVER. Nowhere else does this happen. Average  sale time outaide of England is 3-4 weeks. Here it is 12. 
No one cares, no one chases things, because they have you by your bits. Without everyone being paid whatever they demand (& can’t demonstrate the value) the sale can not complete, leaving people so stressed and worried it affects their lives heavily during the whole process. Do they give a damn? No, and that is the bit that enrages me the most. 
If I was to behave like this on my job, I wouldn’t have one or a business. I am always happy to pay for good service, and I pay people on time and stick to my word. Professionally and personally. Maybe if some of the housing market trades did that the world would be a better place.  Hopefully one day someone will have the guts to change it to be in 2015, not in its current 1920 state. Fingers crossed for completion this week. Wish me luck!! 
All that aside, the change of pace and the improvement in my lifestyle will be remarkable. I am currently staying in town a few nights a week to help, & it is staggering the difference not having to commute makes. I’m more productive, happy & ready for anything- & I certainly need that in my job at the moment! More to come on that soon…….
All of this will help me inx my quest to shift that last half a stone. I promised myself that I would be at my goal weight by my 40th-so 6 weeks – Eeeek. So be kind to me over the next few weeks, I’m on a serious health kick!! More importantly I will be back up to optimal fitness by then, more important than anything. Strong not skinny. 
So, wish me luck on all fronts! I’m certainly going to need it!! 
Have a fab fortnight, enjoy the sunshine- I will be!!! 

Published by Alison Clarke (Al's Adventures)

Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

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