May day, May Day!

Hi there, from a chilly but beautiful beach picnic rug! Thought I would come and sit on the beach, wrapped up well & with a flask of tea (obvs), and update you all on the latest adventures – well, if that’s the word for it all……

Let’s get the annoying stuff out of the way – the flat farce.  It’s been an interesting fortnight  with everything thrown at me.  There’s been a lot of tears, tantrums and time wasting.  My buyer has stalled, tried to ask for a guarantee the windows will last another 20 years, make me pay his house Insurance, fought over the price and finally is making me wait another flaming 4 days before we exchange.  Stalling tactics, lies, and damn right bad behaviour to push me to the limit.  But, as a very wise man once said to me, I am keeping my nerve.  I thought we had exchanged yesterday, and even at 5.30 my wonderful solicitor was fighting to get the contracts exchanged. In typical t@&*$r style, his solicitor had switched off his phone & left us all hanging.  So, we have to wait till Tuesday.  However, being the positive chick that I am, this gives me the opportunity to recharge and be ready for battle again next week. I WILL win.  No one gets in the way of my plans as you all know by now, so wish me luck, cross everything for me for next week and watch this space!

The good news that I have been dying to share with you all is the work stuff.  As you know I was promoted to Offshore Team Leader in January, which was a great start to the year.  Helping lead such a great bunch of peeps during what is an extremely difficult and challenging time in the Energy Insurance Market is such fun.  It’s long hours, high pressure, with no time to think, but I love it!
Then a few weeks ago (sorry, I couldn’t tell you!) I was surprised to be promoted again to the Head of Offshore Energy.  What’s the difference? It’s my responsibility now to make all the plans, set the budgets, meet the budgets, and take all the responsibilities for the team.  The full shabang. The whole enchilada. It’s quite a big job, big scary numbers, with a big team to match – but it’s the best team out there.  It’s a bit like being Pep Guardiola.  He went to manage Bayern Munich (football for those who are losing my drift here) to take over from someone who had rebuilt a team from scratch and turned them into a winning side.  That’s how I feel.  My job is keep us at the top, keep us strong in a tough league, and try and outperform the rest.  Not easy in such an elite league of Insurance, but we have the best support from the top down and I am truly blessed for that.  No excuses, time to prove I can deliver.  So proud to take the role, it will take me some time to adjust (got to be a bit sensible these days), but I’m so excited.  And a great excuse for a new wardrobe!

It seems like it’s all coming together after the last few horrific years – beachside retreat, city pad, & the dream job.  Guess my 2 guardian angels are working miracles for me! Maybe life does begin at 40 (3 weeks left till the big day – eek!)
Now if they can just sort out Becks becoming single for me……

I intend to spend the weekend relaxing. It’s been a rollercoaster few weeks which has taken it’s toll. I’ve stumbled through the last week, so it’s time to breathe in the fresh (very) sea air, run, walk, lie down, cook, eat great seafood, lie down again, enjoy. Repeat several times till 5.45am Tuesday when battle recommences.  I’m off now, time to refill the flask as well-a girl needs her fluids!  *reminder to buy gin on way home* -it is the weekend after all!

Happy May Day Weekend!

Al xxx 😍💓💓💖

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Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

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