Oh my…. Oman 

So,the time had come. Work was done, and my driver had collected me from my office in Dubai to drive me across the border to Oman, destination – The 5 star, and stunning Six Senses resort in Zighy Bay. Now, as a bit of background, I had booked this only 8 days before I arrived, desperate for some me time, I was well and truly on empty. My body looks the worst it has in years, and my brain can’t take anymore pressure. The valve needed releasing to say the least. 

When we crossed the border (only 1 hour and 45 million minutes from my office) it was dark. So climbing the mountain and going down into the resort was a little scary but no worries from my driver who took it all in his stride (despite me gasping for breath and worrying).  

As we pulled up to reception my arrival team awaited. Literally. I was whisked into reception, seated, given a hot towel, a date and mango smoothie (delicious) and the warmest of welcomes. I was escorted to my Villa (yes Villa for 1) by my Guest Experience Manager (GEM) who was utterly charming and friendly. He explained all the stuff I got included, along with his services 24 hours a day. Wow. 

The Villas are beautiful. Spacious, but large features! Large bed (I slept diagonally most nights) a bath to get lost in (or have a party in 😉), separate indoor and outdoor showers, living area with a full tea/coffee/fridge/wine cooler fully stocked arrangement. You also have a stunning pool with water as warm as a bath, sitting area, sun beds and a mini shack for seating in – a Bedouin area. All lit in the warmest and comforting way. 


I flopped into bed after a lovely dinner in the restaurant accompanied by a cracking Chenin blanc (organic so good for you) and slept like a baby for 12 hours. I woke to the sun streaming through my window, and with the biggest smile on my face. 

I strolled up to breakfast, and was stunned at the high quality and variety of food on offer. Juices, smoothies, any combo you wish. Fresh fruit, breads, fruits, nuts, sugar free jams, wow. Heaven indeed. I sat out on the balcony scoffing my vast choices for a good hour, with the most wonderful attentive staff who throughout my whole trip knew when to serve, clear or ask if all was ok, without being over the top or ignorant. Now that’s quite a skill, especially when I travel alone, some people find it necessary to practically sit with you out of pity (note to waiters – I’m cool on my own I choose to be!), or ignore you pretty much as I should be grateful for any service only spending money on one meal! Not here. I’ve never been anywhere that gets it spot on, thank you! 


The day continued with a trip to the private beach, where I was refilled with ice cold water every half hour, and refreshed with fruit kebabs at regular intervals. And what a beautiful beach it is, white sands and turquoise seas, it truly is stunning. With plenty of activities on hand (paddle boarding, boat trips, or,for the more adventurous of you paragliding! Too scared for that personally, but it looked fab!

Now, the point of me being here was to relax the body and mind, but to restart my health campaign. Work has kinda got in the way over the last year, and I am sooo unfit and flabby. Here no one knows me, so I can get to the beetroot face/cowboy walk stage without fear of ridicule! The spa here has a gym area, with all the kit you need. I decided to have a little workout on ,y first day, them get my free Personal Training sesh the day after forgetting how unfit I was……

After my workout (beetroot face from sweating and sun) I decided to use the outdoor shower. How liberating! And refreshing. Showers will never be the same again post gym. My reward – a fab dinner from a stunning buffet of local foods, BBQ seafood, salads and sides to die for. Food coma onset, I retreated for another nights sleep setting my alarm for a 6.30 AM start, in order to join the 7am yoga. Now, if you know me I am NOT a morning person, but I do love my yoga so the early start seemed worth it. It certainly was, not just for the yoga but the stunning sunrise observed from my villa sipping a coffee. It actually brought tears to my eyes, and that doesn’t happen often. And here is why. 

Inspired and Gym kit on, off I trotted for my personal training session. Trotted is the word as I was hurting a lot from my,first session on my own yesterday, as if I needed any obstacles! But my trainer Daniel got it spot on. The exercises were challenging, but didn’t make me want to throw up or faint (past horrific trainer experiences). An hour flew by, with me triumphantly finishing feeling energised and very happy. That post gym feeling I’d forgotten about. Happy, tired Al.

Every day after I had a training session with Daniel, and it was worth every penny. Thank you Daniel for getting me back on track and making me laugh all at the same time (quite an achievement I am a grumpy gym bunny normally). 

Each day I had the pleasure of a Spa treatment, mostly stunningly relaxant restorative. I did opt for one session that didn’t work for me. I do not like it when I don’t know what is going to be done, so the special guest for that week didn’t do it for me. Holistic doesn’t work in my world, so don’t not tell me what you are going to do, don’t flick things on me, and then just leave the room when the treatment is over without some kind of indication the session has ended! I’m being picky, but it did not sit well with me, and I didn’t think it was worth the money. However, my deep,tissue massage and reflexology done by the Spas regular therapist was the best i have ever had. 


The daily routine continued- Sunrise, Gym, outdoor shower, breakfast for a good leisurely hour, beach, pool, spa, dinner, sleep. For 4 whole days. That doesn’t sound like long but it was the most restorative and invigorating 4 days I have ever had the pleasure of. 
Soon enough it was time to leave. I didn’t want to. I’d experienced such serenity and a sense of wellbeing eye, whilst being made to feel like a Princess. I know that’s what I paid for, but on many of my trips that is not how it feels! So with a heavy heart, but a reinvigorated one, I was whisked back up the mountain and out of the resort back to Dubai Airport in under 2 hours. That two hours gave me time to make myself some promises. Work less, exercise more. Eat well, laugh more. Be adventurous. Smile more. Breathe deeply. Wake up earlier. Live life how I want to, not how I think I should to please others. So thank you Six Sense Zighy Bay. You’ve rebuilt Al, and I won’t forget you anytime soon. 


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