Just Juice….

“What do you mean, what no food at all?” “Well I replied ” all the nutrients and a lot more than most of us get from our diets, but no solid food for 5 days, no. 4 bottles of made to measure juice, specifically for getting me through a 5 day period”. “Madness” they replied. All of them.

This is how my conversations have started everyday for the last week. Mainly when I am going to breakfasts or lunches and I decline food. Or god forbid, when I decline a cake, chocolate or biscuits in the free for all otherwise known as my office.

This is because I decided to finally sort out my diet. After months of slowly eating more carbs and sugar, I decided to wipe the slate clean and get back to the good habits I developed 2 years ago. I’ve fallen back into the vicious downward spiral or being tired, eating carbs.  Being bored or fed up, eating chocolate.  Then a token glut of booze to swill it all down.

As always my body has let me know. Bad skin, bad sleep, grumpy (even more than usual) and highly stressed. Stressed mainly through forces outside of my control currently, but the impact is extremely noticeable.

I am lucky to have met a wonderful lady locally running a business on Herne Bay Pier called Little Pep.  Sherry runs a juicing and healthy food hut, and arranges juice plans for anyone local. She is very passionate on the subject with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. So who better to help me out!

My first delivery arrives, freshly made and ready to go. I am talked through the plan (ginger shots, one juice every 3 hours, lots of sleeping but exercise too) and then it hit me. NO FOOD FOR 5 DAYS? AM I INSANE?

So obviously I treat myself to a small bar of chocolate pre bed (such a bad habit) and begin to plan my congratulations meal for Day 6. Deffo eggs and avocado on toast……

Day 1 – first things first, water. So far so good. I can so do this. Next, a ginger shot. Wow, it certainly packs a punch! But definitely wakes me up! By the time I get to work I am starting to feel hungry. Usually for me it’ll be porridge or toast. Today it is a beautiful berry based juice that tastes heavenly.  Yum. Easy this, I think to my smug faced self, but by 11:30 my tummy is rumbling LOUDLY.  Sorry team.  I am thoroughly looking forward to lunch! Oh, but then I realise I am not going to do my usual brain planning for a good hour of what I’m going to buy, and secretly it’s quite a liberating feeling. For once the pressure is off.  I haven’t got to think about calories, or carbs, or sugar.  Amen.

 For lunch I sip my juice slowly, savouring every little bit.  To be honest, it filled me up.  I rewarded myself with a black coffee.  Rock n roll hey!  I’m feeling good until BAM- the 3pm sugar and caffeine monster jump into the party and spoil things. My head starts to cloud over, and I feel exhausted. Luckily my 3rd juice is at hand to carry me home.  Post train home, I neck the 4th and head to bed early – not feeling top form at all. Only 4 more days….what have I done!

Day 2-Saturday.

In my head it was a really good idea to do this over the weekend where I was free, no social engagements to hijack my plan. However the reality was something completely different. I had totes underestimated how much I bloody love food. Not just eating it, but buying ingredients, preparing it, cooking and scoffing it all. It’s a main part of my weekends as I don’t get a huge amount of time during the working week. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THE EXTRA TIME?! After a mini panic I realised this was a great thing. I can plan a full day of stuff! So off I went in keen pursuit- manicure, walking, until precisely 11:30am when my body just wanted to stop and rest. This annoyed me as I’d had 11 hours sleep, so I didn’t feel the need to allow my brain to tell me otherwise. After some tense negotiations between the left and right of my brain, I compromised to sit down and have a mint tea. Except for juice consumption I did not move for 5 hours….. sometimes you just have to concede brain victory. It’s like your Mum, it tends to know best.  Something we all learn in life, however frustrating!

For being such a obedient Al I rewarded myself with a hour long bath, and bed. At 8:45pm.  FFS…

Day 3 – Sunday

6:15am. Normally if I woke at such an ungodly hour on a Sunday I would just turn over and continue Al’s beauty sleep. Not today. I sprung out of bed feeling truly great. Brain fog gone and full of Energy.  Now, anyone who knows what I am normally like in the morning will currently be spitting their tea out in fits of laughter- I am not a morning person. I do  not usually come round till a few hours post eye opening. Ginge shot is the first thing I crave, followed an hour later by my first juice of the day. I then turn into some duracell bunny version of myself and proceed to spend the rest of the day rattling through one of my many to do lists. I love a list. Makes me feel efficient. However writing it down doesn’t get it done (I know, ridiculous), but today I AM ON FIRE (not just from the ginge shot).

4 juices done and feeling ridiculously wonderful I flop into bed at 10:30 and drop off at 11.  Yay!

Day 4 – Monday

Hm. Was expecting to feel as good as yesterday. It’s 5:30am and I am so awake. The only problem here is timing my juices – every 3 hours. So I really need to wait till at least 8:30. Let’s just say it was a long 3 hours…. but my Ginge and Juice saw me through a rubbish Monday morning at work. At lunch I went for a little walk (normally can’t be bothered) and realised how calm I was. I’ve still had my coffee (black) but I am not easily stressed today – and believe me I had a morning of bull.

The day was a long one, but Mondays usually are (lets be honest).  My productivity was amazing today. So much so I didn’t sit down till 10pm.  It took me a good hour to drop off but I guess my body is doing a little thank you dance (or is waiting for the sugar!) I wasn’t overly hungry so I had my last juice at 8:30 – an hour late, probably why I couldn’t sleep till 11:30, but now I understand how to fuel at what times of day. If you eat at 8:30 it’ll keep your energy up for 2 hours at a higher level. Unless its pasta/pizza. Then expect to sleep in about an hour – otherwise known as a food coma. I’ve had plenty of those bad boys! I finally drop off at 11:15, and sleep solidly again. Brilliant.

Day 5

Final day. I am looking forward to food. I have missed the art of cooking and eating.  But I have realised how much I actually eat! I was in denial. So a lot of valuable lessons learnt:

  1. Just buying fruit and veg doesn’t mean that you eat it….
  2. Sugar should not be a daily basic (no more chocolate before bed)….
  3. Helps my digestive system to swap one meal a day for juice (brekkie for me, get all the nutrients early – pow)
  4. Cravings gone! So now I know how to reset

I’m a little nervous about actually eating to be honest. So I’m planning my favourite thing for brekkie. Avocado, tomatoes and eggs. That’s got my taste buds going!

I go to my Tuesday yoga class, and I get some lovely comments about how well I look. Yoga seems easier too (this may all be in my nourished brain). I bounce out of there, and have my last juice sat on the beach watching the sunset. Tomorrow really is a new day, and a new Al.  Do not worry, I am not turning into one of those really annoying clean eating people, and I am still grumpy most mornings.  The difference is I know when to pull back.  I have just been on a trip for work – one of those that is full on for 48 hours (including food, booze and stress).  Normally I would take all week to recover.  Instead, I ordered a 3 day juice plan (which has actually taken me 4 days) and I feel recovered.  Why did it take me 4 days?  Because life is for living, and I enjoyed a Saturday night out.  AS WE ALL SHOULD!  Balance.  In everything life throws at you.

You will see from the piccies below my before (rough as) and after (glowing) speak for themselves.  YAY!

Biggest thanks to Sherry at Little Pep for getting me through it, so supportive and knowledgeable. Truly an expert in her field!

So come on Monday.  Let’s see what you have for us.

Speak soon!


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