Well, what did you do then?

That is the question I will hear a lot over the next few weeks. Why? Well for the second year in a row I have taken most of August off. Not too strange I hear you cry. Most people do that, go away with their family and friends to far flung or sunny places. Not me. I stay at home and do NOTHING. 
It does help that I live in one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the UK. Whitstable is always on the top ten lists for it uniqueness and sheer beauty. I live 5 minutes away, in the uber chic part of Tankerton. Full of cafes, wine shops, gift shops, restaurants, beauty parlours and chippies. What more does a girl need? 

Fornthose of you who do not know me (Hi btw) my job is fast paced, lots of travel and currently stressful as. It exhausts my mind to the point of collapse sometimes. Hence why once a year I need at least 2 weeks to do nowt. Nada. Nothing.

I had lots of plans. Here’s my list written on the train home from work:

Day trips to Margate, Broadstairs, Deal. 

Tidy and sort out the entire house (yes even the loft). 

Finally plant up my gardenette (not really a proper garden – 3 planters and a bit of a front garden!). Swim in the sea every day

Gym 3 times a week

Yoga twice a week

Hour of walking every day

Lose 1 stone (see above)

Eat out locally 3 days a week (might stop point above)

Catch up with local pals and family

Now, when I look back that is quite a lot to fit into 18 days. The gym, yoga, walking done – yay. Obvs the lose 1 stone was slightly ambitious… but certainly on the right track. I even did my first parkrun, something I had been putting off for 2 years out of sheer anxiety. I did it! So overall for the health stuff I deserve a pat on the back. 
I have tidied the house – every draw has been sorted, ruthlessly cleaned and edited. Let’s just say the local charity shops did well… some brand new stuff with labels on. Must get better at shopping sensibly (well a little bit better-no fun otherwise!). The clothes that were worn and a little tired all off to the recycling at the tip. Can’t let people see that stuff (I am my mothers daughter!). 
I have also volunteered for the local Christmas committee in Whitstable called Whitsparkle. Yes Christmas. I know. Bit these thinga do not organise or fund themselves! The aim is to put on an event this December in the town. More deets to follow. To do this we need to hold some fund raising events. Love organising events and marketing, so can’t wait to get stuck in. Please follow Whitsparkle on FB, Instagram and Twitter for updates! 
The rest becomes a little tricky. Day trips were subject to the weather. Now, last year it was scorching on my time off. This year – not so. Don’t get me wrong, we have had some sunny and warm days. My tan is evidence of that. But, we have had some rainy days. Much appreciated to get all the ‘jobs’ done, but useless if trying to plan a day out. 
I did get 2 in. Sissinghurst gardens- wow. What a stunning location. Beautiful gardens, lakes and countryside for miles. Wonderfully maintained by the good old National Trust, & a free day out for us members. Well I say free, but after my shop spree and lunch not quite so free… but I have a wonderful new flask and mug. ROCK AND ROLL. 

I’ve also spent some time in Herne Bay this week. Sunday I had a wonderful evening listening to some Jazz on the pier. Not usually my bag, but with the beautiful sunset & good friends, it was truly perfect. Oh and wine. Of course….
I also took a day to stroll round the town. It’s nice to see so many wonderful new shops popping up, all kinds from houseware to cafes, to bars and delis. La luna is a beautiful little shop full of wonderful gifts. From candles to crystals and all in between it certainly has a holistic vibe to it. Green door deli, a fantastic spot for coffee and cakes. But for those looking for something healthy by far the best in the area is Little Pep. Situated on the pier, LP has freshly made juices, salads, sandwihes and treats. For me its heaven. It also helps that the owner is pretty wonderful too. Sherry is so passionate and knowledgable, she can convert even the biggest sceptics. 

Daytrips aside one of my biggest tasks was to find a second property to work on over the coming months. Why? Well, savings accounts don’t really give you a lot these days, so its time to reinvest into Property. Yes I know I have only just finished my place, but I am raring to go again. The aim is to make it into a holiday let, so the position needs to be right for the beach and all the delights of the local area. I’m in no rush, so I need to concentrate on getting it right. Very very excited. So watch this space! 
Although I was meant to have another week off, unfortunately work beckons next week. I’m off to Singapore for 4 days (yes, 4 days). Sounds great. Well, I’ll swap you if you want. I get to sit in an office for 4 days and work. I may eacape for an evening or two… covert ops here we come! 
Batteries semi recharged, and list pretty much 70% done, I’ll take that as a successful break. I do feel healthier and calm. Now I guess the trick is to maintain that. Well I certainly will be, even if it means some real life changes. For some, that would be a terrifying prospect but for me that’s very exciting and a huge relief. 
So off to the airport I go. Sigh. I should be at the Herne Bay airshow today & Bros concert tonight. But that’s just the reality of life I guess. Or is it….. 
Stay tuned for more updates and thanks as always for reading. 


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