New Year, New Me?

Hey you lovely lot, hope you all had a peaceful and fun break? Mine was hectic and it flew by like a whirlwind- but a lot of fun & frolics were had by all! And now I cannot wait to bring you up to date!

Christmas was a quiet affair this year. I decided in December to not party quite as hard as normal. For those who do not know me, December is usually a round of drinks, dinners and more drinks. Sounds fun, and mostly it was, but I am trying to improve my overall health and also lose some weight. Hitting 42 made me want to ‘not be halfway’ as someone kindly put it to me…. and also because I simply did not have the time or the energy.

I lead a busy work life, with a responsibility for an amazing group of people. The Industry I work in has gone through the mill a little bit recently- so conditions are tough. This situation has been going on for a few years now, with no end in sight. People are under the most pressure they ever have been, and stress levels are high. So one of our busiest times of the working year is December. Hence why I needed all of my energy!

This year seemed tougher than ever for me. December was like walking through mud – very heavy going. But why? I was fitter than ever, sleeping well & not constantly hungover! I am so happy in my new home and I have made amazing friends here. So by the time I staggered to Christmas I was fed up. Then the penny finally dropped.

I am someone who needs to feel valued and as if I am contributing something. Sometimes doors shut, and stay stuck. As much as I enjoy working with my team, I no longer enjoyed my actual job. I am no longer adding anything. For the last 7 months for a multitude of reasons, I have just got in the way. As sad as that is, that’s just life. Things naturally come to an end sometimes. As someone who is very astute to the vibe around me, I usually figure out it’s time for a change before anyone else realises!

So with a heavy heart I have quit my current job. I’m just getting in the way. I’m not attuned to that role anymore, & my brain needs some time to reset. I need a new challenge!

As those who know me and follow me on Instagram I have bought a beautiful bungalow near me in Tankerton, Whitstable to refurbish and turn into a high end holiday let. All the mod cons, and also tailored to the holiday or mini break you want. So for the next few weeks that’s where my focus will be. After that, we shall see. After 22 years in Insurance I guess I’m not yet done completely- but it won’t be anything like my current job. Excited puts it mildly. Terrified is also a way to describe it, but nervous excitement is the main feels.

Thanks for all your kind messages, I am really blown away by everyone’s thoughts and wishes. But as my Dad always told me, you only live once, make the bloody most of it!

I’ll sign off for anow as I need to sleep, but make sure you all have a great weekend, & lots more to follow!


Published by Alison Clarke (Al's Adventures)

Just a girl, loves life, keeping fit, cooking, blogging, love and football..This blog is for my adventures. Hope you enjoy my life as much as I do!

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Me?

  1. I am so pleased fot you Alison and I hope all goes well in your new adventures. We hope to see you when you come down to Spain, I believe you said it maybe in the Spring, if so we will look forward to this. Take care and we hope you have a nice less stressful time and your new bungalow goes on to be a very good investment. Take care Sweetie and lots of love from Kim and I xxxx❤️😘😘❤️

  2. Good luck Ali. It’s going to be a scary yet very exciting time for you and I thoroughly agree that if you don’t do it now, you may never get the chance

    Ally x

  3. Alison, I wish you good luck and great success with whatever you choose to do in the longer term. If that does involve the energy insurance business then I hope our paths will cross again. For now, enjoy your career break and your project.
    Best Wishes, Ian

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