Al’s Brekkie Bars….

Brekkie special bars You know those days where you’re trying to be good but fancy a big fat muffin? Well here’s my answer to those days. (frequent occurrence in Al’s house, so luckily these freeze superbly without losing any of there loveliness).  These are based on a Nigella Lawson recipe which is fab, so pleaseContinue reading “Al’s Brekkie Bars….”

Jamaica? Nah, she went on her own….

Sorry, couldn’t resist it. This year for my January lay down after the end of year chaos of my world,  I chose Jamaica. Why? Half of Europe were under snow, Asia seemed 3 hours too far for a week, and basically I love the Caribean! I was given a tip off through Instagram  by theContinue reading “Jamaica? Nah, she went on her own….”

Barcelona It was the first time that we met..

So that was it. I got off the train from work exhausted, feeling the unhealthiest I have for a long time. No more excuses. It was time to fix up and look sharp. Cause tomorrow I was off to Sitges, half an hour from Barcelona for a detox yoga thingy for 5 nights, & IContinue reading “Barcelona It was the first time that we met..”