Oh my…. Oman 

So,the time had come. Work was done, and my driver had collected me from my office in Dubai to drive me across the border to Oman, destination – The 5 star, and stunning Six Senses resort in Zighy Bay. Now, as a bit of background, I had booked this only 8 days before I arrived, desperateContinue reading “Oh my…. Oman “

Location, Location, Location (wish Phil was my partner…)

Hi there strangers! My apologies for not blogging sooner, its been a whirlwind 6 weeks of stress, fun & excitement…. Since we last chatted I have started my new role at work & it’s bloomin marvellous! I’m still getting used to it all, and it will be a tough old year in this economy, butContinue reading “Location, Location, Location (wish Phil was my partner…)”

Moves and shakes……

2015. I’m so excited. New year isn’t something that normally gets me leaping around like the duracell bunny.  I usually dread it. I don’t mean New Years Eve, where we all get dressed up, drink obscene amounts of booze, & spend the day after eating the Christmas leftovers and lazing around (just me?!) promising ourselvesContinue reading “Moves and shakes……”